TM Technology Systems

& Consulting, LLC.

TM Technology Systems & Consulting, LLC (TM Tech) is a full-service Information Technology (IT) consulting firm located in Wallingford, Connecticut. Our business provides; Business IT Consulting, systems integration, data networking and systems solutions for the Small to Medium Business (SMB) markets.

Our Mission Statement


TM Technology Systems & Consulting, LLC. is committed to "Doing It Right The First Time" by providing the highest level of quality products and services to our business customers. With over 30 years experience in computer systems design, integration and support. We provide our customers with the expertise needed to establish and maintain the most cost effective solutions for their business. We will always provide our clients with competent, timely and professional services.

Have you ever wondered if you were getting the systems or solution that you really needed. Have you wondered why your present system is having so many problems. Are you to busy running your business to research the technology you need? Confused by all the rapidly changing technology to make a decision? Have you developed a disaster recovery plan and have you tested it? Is my systems protected from all the viruses and hacker on the internet or internal to my company?